Michael F. Price College of Business

207 Adams Hall
Norman, OK 73019-4007
Phone: (405) 325-3611
FAX: (405) 325-2096
Internet: http://price.ou.edu


Price Hall


Administrative Officers

Daniel W. Pullin, J.D., M.B.A., Dean
Robert C. Dauffenbach, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Economic Development and Impact and Director, Center for Economic and Management Research
Fran Ayres, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Faculty, Research Innovation, and Accreditation
Laku Chidambaram, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Engagement
Jim Bratton, Assistant Vice President of Economic Development and Executive Director of the
Office of Technology Development
Eddie Edwards, Executive Director of MBA Program and the Graduate and Executive Center
Beth Gatewood, Executive Director of Finance and Operations
Bea Geissler, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Shelly Grunsted, Executive Director of the Center for Student Success
Kristen Lazalier, Executive Director of External Relations
Jeff Moore, Executive Director of the Ronnie K. Irani Center for Creation of Economic Wealth
Tom Wavering, Executive Director, Innovation Hub
Jim Wheeler, Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Center for Economic and Management Research
Shawn Lam, Manager of Information Systems, Network Administrator, and Department Computing Coordinator
Keith LeBaron, Microcomputer and Lab Coordinator
Jessica Mason, Webmaster
Monica McCulloch, Financial Associate for Sr. Associate Dean
Hayden Pelley, IT Specialist
Michael Reim, Information Specialist
David Wu, Chief Programmer

Center for Entrepreneurship
Daniel Moses, Program Manager

Center for Student Success
Brea Clarke, Director of the JCPenney Leadership Program
Melia Alderman, JCPenney
Kenneth Chapman, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
David Williams, Director of the Business Communication Center
Lady Branham, Instructor of Business Communication
Carolyn Jensen, Lecturer of Business Communication
Marisa Mohi, Instructor of Business Communication
Jocelyn Pedersen, Instructor of Business Communication
Ana Bolino, Director of Study Abroad
Emily Kuenzi, Study Abroad Coordinator
Robert Harper, Director of Professional Development
Dena Newhouse, Assistant Director of Professional Development
Tom Greenlee, Director of Career Counseling

Laura Palk, Coordinator of Accreditation and Assurance of Learning

Ph.D. Programs
Mark Bolino, Director of Ph.D. Programs
Brandy Gunter-Cox, Associate Director of Advising Doctoral & Specialty Masters Programs
Bret Bradley, Program Coordinator, MIB Ph.D.
Lowell Businetz, Program Coordinator, EED Ph.D.
Kevan Jensen, Program Coordinator, Accounting Ph.D.
William Megginson, Program Coordinator, Finance Ph.D.
Shaila Miranda, Program Coordinator, MIS Ph.D.
Krish Muralidhar, Program Coordinator, MSCM Ph.D.

Energy Programs (Energy Institute)
Adam Clinton, Director of Operations for Energy Institute
Scott Linn, Research Director, Energy Institute

Energy Management Program
Steve Long, Director of the Robert M. Zinke Energy Management Program
Sandy Houchins, Assistant to the Director
Brenda Peters, Director of Undergraduate Employer Development

Office of Technology Development
Chris Corbett, Director, Intellectual Property
Gina McMillen, Director
Regina McNabb, Technology Transfer Administrator
Andrew Pollock, Managing Director
Ruth Ann Shaffer, Administrative Assistant
Meredith Wilkerson, Technology Development Associate

Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth
Joseph Asante, SoBA Instructor
Susan Moring, Program Director
Hannah Ralston, Program Director, The Mine, Tulsa
Patrick Richardson, Fellow
Sue Ringus, Director
Cassandra Rigsby, Fellow
Piper Wolfe, Fellow, Tulsa

OU Innovation Hub
Brandt Smith, Director of Fabrication Lab
Mike Thompson, Sr. Assistant Director of Fabrication Lab

College Programs
Ron Bolen, Academic Director of the Graduate & Executive Center, and the Executive Director for Executive Education
Amber Hasbrook, Director of MBA Advising
Jennifer Aragon, Director of Advising, Doctoral and Specialty Masters Programs
Lynann Sterk-Brooks, Sr. Director of External Relations, Graduate and Executive Center

Divisional Masters Programs
Joe Dulin, Program Coordinator, Master of Accountancy (MAcc; BBA/MAcc; Online MAcc            
Matthew Jensen, Program Coordinator, Master of Information Technology (MIT; BBA/MIT)

External Relations
Brad Purcell, Director of Development
Oral Blankson, Development Officer
Rhesa Brewster, Development Officer
Taylor Riggs, Director of Communication and Events
Emily Hulseberg, Coordinator of Events and Social Media
Annie Hughes, Coordinator of Stewardship and Alumni Relations

Finance and Operations
Bonnie Branstetter, Account and Budget Representative
Kim Freeman, HR Representative

Academic Advising
Suite 1010 Price Hall
(405) 325-6021
Sherry Isom, Director of Undergraduate Advising
Bartholomew Bailey, Academic Counselor
Cristela Carrizelas, Sr. Academic Counselor
Dalynda Evans, Sr. Academc Counselor
Ashelyn Grob, Academic Counselor
Lauren Keely, Academic Counselor
Garrett Hollingsworth, Academic Counselor
Amanda Johnson, Academic Counselor
Saasha Reese, Academic Counselor
Glenda Schanz, Academic Counselor
Katelin Buteyn, Academic Counselor
Saleigh Moses, Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Aragon, Director of Advising, Doctoral & Specialty Masters Programs
Brandy Gunter-Cox, Associate Director of Advising, Doctoral & Specialty Masters Programs

Division Assistants
Janet Hailey, Marketing and Supply Chain Management Division Assistant
Melissa Bishop, Finance Division Assistant
Jan Nelson, Accounting Division Assistant
Rae Lynn Oliver, Management Information Systems Division Assistant
Jane Stancliffe, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Division Assistant
Pauletta Stowe, Management and International Business Division Assistant

Faculty Roster

200 Adams Hall
(405) 325-4221
Ervin Black, Director
Professors Ayres, Black, Ghosh, Hennes, M. Knapp, Thomas; Associate Professors A. Cuccia, K. Jensen, Price, Stetson; Assistant Professors Davis, Hill, Ruch; Lecturer in Accounting C. Cuccia; Instructor of Accounting Dulin.

Three Partners Place
Adams Hall 7G
(405) 325-1638
Tom Lumpkin, Director
Professors Busenitz, Dauffenbach, Pullin, Short; Assistant Professors Bolen, Drover, Wheeler, Wolfe.

205 Adams Hall
(405) 325-5591
Chitru S. Fernando, Director, Center for Financial Studies
Scott C. Linn, Research Director, Price Energy Institute
William L. Megginson, Co-Director, Center for Financial Studies
Professors Fernando, Linn, Megginson, Stock, Yadav; Associate Professor Bakke, Litov, Stanhouse; Assistant Professors Demiralp, Golubeva, Mahmudi, X. Wang, Zhu; Lecturer in Finance McCow. 

206 Adams Hall
(405) 325-2651
Mark P. Sharfman, Director
Professors M. Bolino, Buckley, Ostas, Russell, Shaffer, Sharfman, Short; Associate Professors Bradley, Downs, Short; Assistant Professors Anderson, A. Bolino, Grunsted; Lecturer in Legal Studies Palk.

307E Adams Hall
(405) 325-0768
Radhika Santhanam, Director
Rocio Claybon, Director of CMISS
Professors Chidambaram, Santhanam; Associate Professors Jensen, Miranda, Schwarzkopf, Shaft; Assistant Professors Dunn, Durcikova; Instructors of MIS Claybon, Snow.

1 Adams Hall
(405) 325-3561
Jack J. Kasulis, Director
Professors Barman, Ingene, Muralidhar; Associate Professors Kasulis, Schmidt; Assistant Professors Nath, Q. Wang; Instructor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management Kissick; Instructor of Supply Chain Management Davidson.

General Information

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Joint Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Accounting and Master of Accountancy
  • Accelerated BBA/Master of Science in Management of Information Technology
  • Master of Accountancy
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Management of Information Technology
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Master of Business Administration
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering and Master of Business Administration
  • Dual: Master of Science in Management of Information Technology and Master of Business Administration
  • Dual: Master of Accountancy and Master of Business Administration
  • Generic Dual Degree- Master of Business Administration and any other Master’s degree offered by the OU Graduate College
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy

General Information


A curriculum in business subjects was first offered in 1913 through a subordinate school in the College of Arts and Sciences called the School of Commerce and Industry. The first certificates in commerce and industry were granted in 1915. The name was changed to the School of Public and Private Business in 1917. In June 1923, the Board of Regents established a school of business as a separate two-year school of the University and authorized it to confer the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business. The first Bachelor of Science in Business degrees were conferred in 1924. The following year the School of Business was admitted to membership in the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), the international accrediting agency for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business. To earn and retain accreditation, these degree programs must undergo a rigorous initial evaluation and be reevaluated periodically. These programs of the college have been fully accredited since 1926. In addition, programs leading to bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting have met separate AACSB International accreditation standards specifically for accounting programs. 

In 1929, the Board of Regents changed the School of Business to the College of Business Administration. 

In 1997, alumnus Michael F. Price announced a contribution of $18 million to the College of Business. The OU Regents officially renamed the College of Business Administration the Michael F. Price College of Business. The Price funds are applied strategically to areas of excellence. This endowment has established endowed faculty positions, a library endowment, scholarships and graduate assistantships, a student support center, and provides support for a number of other initiatives. 

MISSION: The Purpose of Price

“The Michael F. Price College of Business ensures the enduring global competitiveness of Oklahoma and the nation.” Our graduates will grasp opportunities to see how separate pieces of a business puzzle are brought together to create a new business or industry. Conceptual thinking and real-world training allows them to solve complex problems within a business or industry. 

The college’s strategic plan integrated with that of the University helps the college attain its goals of enhanced excellence and contributions to the economy of the state, nation and the world.


To further its mission, the college provides degree programs at the baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral levels, with the objective of providing career opportunities in a wide variety of professional and entrepreneurial roles. While most graduates will find employment in the private sector, a Michael F. Price College of Business education will provide a general understanding of, and appreciation for, managerial processes that apply in public sector and not-for-profit institutions as well. 

In addition to technical competence in areas of specialty, the college expects graduates to attain a level of understanding of, and appreciation for, the liberal arts and the social sciences. The aim is to provide an educational base upon which the graduate can build not only technical but also social capability through a lifetime of continuing growth and development. The emphasis is as much on the formation of attitudes and understanding of complex issues as on the attainment of knowledge and skills. 

Since formal education may tend to become abstracted from the realities of practice, the college seeks to maintain close ties with the professional communities it serves. Internship opportunities for students, participation by practicing professional managers in the classroom, consulting and research by faculty, boards of advisers to the college, conferences and the like involving people from outside the University provide opportunities for continuing interaction with the world of organizations. 

While maintaining a practical, relevant perspective, the faculty seeks to advance the frontiers of knowledge through research, both applied and theoretical. This research is fundamental to the overall excellence of the teaching function. Students at all levels may expect to be exposed not only to well-established knowledge, but also to ideas and issues that are at the forefront of research and experimentation. As a complement to degree programs, the college includes continuing education and managerial development programs for practicing professionals. 

Throughout the wide variety of educational programs and in its research and public service objectives, the college strives to maintain standards of excellence consistent with the University’s role as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the nation. 

Programs for Academic Excellence

Programs for Academic Excellence


The Business Communication Center prepares students for the technology-delivered world. With one-on-one instruction from the center’s friendly staff, Price College students learn valuable hands-on skills such as multimedia presentations, Web page design, video conferencing, public speaking, and digital imaging. 


The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine ranked the center eighth in the nation at the undergraduate level. This speaks to the opportunities available to major or minor in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management for business or engineering students at the University of Oklahoma. The goals of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies are: 

  • Create entrepreneurial-thinking students. 
  • Connect faculty, researchers and students to the entrepreneurial world through research, teaching and working labs. 
  • Provide OU alumni knowledge and resources for Oklahoma’s business and entrepreneurial community to assist their growth. 
  • Start and grow businesses in the state of Oklahoma. 
  • Commercialize University of Oklahoma intellectual property. 

The Center is located in Suite 1036, Price Hall (405) 325-3611. 


The Fixed Income Fund experience exposes senior-level undergraduate students and MBA students to the intricacies associated with the management of portfolios that contain only bond-like financial instruments. The class is divided into teams of students. Students must make real-time decisions using the latest information on financial markets to select fixed income securities to include in the portfolio. The class is sponsored by BOK Financial Corporation, the parent company of the Bank of Oklahoma. 


The Honors College offers special classes and sections of regular classes for academically superior students. Students in the Honors Program may graduate cum Laude, Magna cum Laude, or Summa cum Laude, depending upon their grade point average. For information on either of these programs, contact the director of the Honors College, or call (405) 325-5291.


Undergraduate students have the opportunity to enroll in a one-semester (12 hours) project-based program called the Integrated Business Core (IBC), which provides both real-world experience and an integrated introduction to concepts in at least three business disciplines. IBC students gain experience by creating and managing an actual start-up company funded by a loan up to $5,000 and a hands-on community service project on behalf of a non-profit campus or community organization. Students have donated more than $1,000,000 dollars and more than 34,000 volunteer hours to charity, and the program has received local, regional and national acclaim. 

Students who are participants in IBC: 

  • are responsible for mastering the concepts and terminology of each of the content courses: Marketing, Management and Legal Studies; 
  • work as “employees” of an assigned 20-member company which becomes the Entrepreneurship/Community Service Practicum. Here the students have the opportunity to apply the concepts from each of the core business disciplines while at the same time devoting time to their selected community service project; 
  • Students spend the first seven weeks developing a business plan; 
  • the plan is submitted to a loan committee which grants, denies or defers the loan application; 
  • Upon receipt of the loan students have six weeks to implement their business plan. 


The Leadership Program of Price College is directed at those students who will become a significant force in the economic, political, social and moral development of our state and nation. 

These students have leadership potential because they are academic achievers and have those personal characteristics that thrust them into various activities in which they assume leadership roles. 

The college views these student leaders as a valuable resource whose potential should be developed fully for the benefit of themselves and society. These students will help the college fulfill its mission of transmitting knowledge about the continuing adaptation of organizations in a changing global business environment. 

The primary objective of the program is to provide these students with opportunities for intellectual and scholastic enrichment, stimulating contact with business and the economic leaders in the nation, and the mutual challenge and benefits of association with a peer group of equally talented students. These opportunities will lead to an enhancement of the students’ experiences at the University that will shape the course of their lives. 

The three main components of the program include corporate views, fellowships and the Distinguished Speaker Series. 

Corporate Views

Participants in this special program accompany executives in their normal work environment and experience firsthand the administrative responsibilities and management styles of successful business leaders. This daylong program significantly expands Associates' classroom educational experience by enhancing their awareness of proven leadership skills and broadening their understanding of actual corporate operations. 


The JCPenney Fellowship Program is one of the Center’s most exciting and productive avenues and adds greater value to the undergraduate educational experience of Leadership Associates. Each recipient receives a stipend to serve as either a research or training fellow to a Price College faculty mentor for one semester. Eligibility is limited to junior and senior associates. Applications and detailed information is available in the JCPenney Leadership Center.

Distinguished Speaker Series 

The Price College of Business and the Kanaly Lecture Series hosts approximately four nationally respected leaders each academic year who have an Oklahoma connection — either through birth, residence, higher education, or business interest. The purpose of the series is to provide the opportunity to learn and grow from the accumulated experience and wisdom of this premier group of opinion leaders.


The Student Support Center serves graduate students in the Michael F. Price College of Business. The value of the learning experience is expanded for graduate students by providing personal mentoring and career development resources. 
Core resources provided to graduate students include: 

  • mentoring; 
  • executive visitation; 
  • career preparation; and 
  • internships — domestic and international. 

Special Facilities and Programs

Special Facilities and Programs


Discovery and transmission of knowledge requires information, whether that information is contained in the income statements and financial records of a large U.S. corporation, in profiles of corporate returns on investments, in business trends among the states and regions of the country, or in international trade and investment patterns. Distributive technology — the desktop computers, the interlinked local area networks, the CD-ROM readers — is altering the costs and availability of information acquisition and dissemination, enhancing the potential for greater effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with information. 

Price College has developed various “pockets” of expertise in the acquisition of information for instruction and research. The School of Accounting subscribes to the FASB Financial Accounting Research Service, the Center for Financial Studies and the College cooperate in the purchase of CRSP files that contain monthly and daily returns on NUSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ corporations; and the Center for Economic and Management Research subscribes to quarterly updates to the Citibase data system. 

While we must rely on various “pockets” to acquire this information, we are limiting our potential for effective utilization of information in our present “distributive” organizational setting. By establishing one central place for the location and dissemination of these information sets, we can greatly enhance our effective use of information. 

The AMOCO Business Resources Information Center (BRIC) supports the academic and research goals of Price College by serving as a centralized data repository and technical assistance resource for faculty and students. Individual and group instruction is provided to students and faculty in the use of database software applications and offers technical assistance and support in their use. 

Data holdings include industry standard financial, economic and demographic databases obtained from state, federal, and commercial information services. The AMOCO BRIC also maintains a computer lab designed for instruction as well as routine use by students and faculty.


Price College, through its Division of Finance, has established the Center for Financial Studies. The mission of the Center is to support scholarly research and sponsor educational programs that will improve and share knowledge among finance students, executives and academicians. 

The rapid changes occurring in the financial world make it imperative for those involved to be knowledgeable of the innovations, problems and opportunities prevailing in all sectors of the financial markets. The Center for Financial Studies will assume an important leadership role in this endeavor by directing its programs toward mid-and top-level finance executives and toward academicians with research and teaching interests in finance.


The Center for MIS Studies, an interdisciplinary center located in Price College, is a partnership between the University and business firms designed to share ideas on MIS topics of direct relevance and major concern to the business partners. Effective industry MIS programs require that businesses understand and utilize rapidly changing technologies and complex organizational policies, strategies and structures. Rapid changes of the Internet era, combined with the move toward outsourcing, makes keeping up exceptionally difficult for IS professionals. Costs of research, development, and training in this complex and dynamic field are high, and results are often disappointing. 

The fundamental idea of the Center for MIS Studies is resource sharing — to share the knowledge, skills, and efforts of the University and the member firms in a framework that encourages innovation, quality and productivity.  For questions, comments, or additional information, contact: 

Center for Management Information System Studies 
University of Oklahoma, Price College 
307 West Brooks 
Norman, OK 73019 
Phone: (405) 325-0768 
FAX: (405) 325-7482 


The Bizzell Memorial Library provides excellent facilities for research and instruction in business and economics. Students, teachers, researchers and the University community at large can research and gain access to materials in a variety of media and in numerous ways. State-of-the-art computer searches through national databases are possible through the University’s participation in national library associations. The University is a member of the Research Libraries Group which provides on-line access to the premier libraries in the United States through the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN). The University is also connected to another, much broader database through the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC). In addition, the University has an extensive collection of books, periodicals, microform material, newspapers, trade journals and corporation annual reports. Subscriptions are maintained to various investment, insurance, tax, labor relations and other services which keep patrons in touch with current developments. The University is a designated repository for federal documents which are kept on the fourth floor of the library.

The Bass Collection in Business History

Although ours is a business civilization, relatively little has been done to assemble library materials in the area of business and management history in most American universities. One exception is the University of Oklahoma, which has a distinguished collection in this field, capable of serving not only undergraduate and graduate students, but research scholars throughout the nation. 

Through the generosity of the late Harry W. Bass of Dallas, Texas, and the continuing support of the Bass Foundation, a comprehensive collection of books and periodicals in the areas of business and management history are available at the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Bass was a former student in the College of Business. 

This distinguished collection of rare and current research materials is housed in a special suite of rooms on the fifth floor of the Bizzell Memorial Library. Dr. Daniel A. Wren is curator of the Bass Collection. 

The Ronald B. Shuman Research Fellowship in Business History is designated for graduate and some undergraduate students to work under the direction of the curator of the Bass Collection. This fellowship is in the amount of $1,000 to be divided between two semesters.

Center for Economic and Management Research

The Center for Economic and Management Research conducts research in business and economics as well as in such diverse areas as energy, delivery of health services, quality of life in Oklahoma and human resources utilization and development. It also provides research support and data to the business community and to federal, state, and local agencies for use in planning, as well as providing a vehicle for directly relating classroom offerings and the research thrust of Price College to the problems faced by business and government. 

CEMR also houses the Survey Research Center, which provides the capability for obtaining current information on the economy of the state and on the attitudes of Oklahomans toward various issues in Oklahoma. These data are presented in special reports for use by planners and decision makers in both business and government. 

The Center maintains an extensive database and makes this information available to the public through its publications program that includes press releases, reports, a quarterly economic journal (the Oklahoma Business Bulletin) and the annual Statistical Abstract of Oklahoma. Current and historical economic and demographic information are also available via the Oklahoma Resources Integrated General Information Networks Systems (ORIGINS), an Internet accessible data access and retrieval system containing databases of economic time series. 

Adams Hall

Adams Hall is currently the primary office and classroom building for Price College. It contains numerous classrooms, many of which are designed with tiered seating to increase eye contact and facilitate discussion. These case study rooms contribute to and stimulate the learning process. 

Instruction and research are facilitated by the computer tools made available in our computer technology enhanced classrooms. Adams Hall currently supports multiple microcomputer labs.

Price Hall

Michael F. Price Hall, a $19 million, 55,000-square-foot addition to the east side of Adams Hall added nine new classrooms, a business communications center with a behavioral lab, four study rooms, three conference rooms, three Student Services offices, two large commons areas and a courtyard with outdoor seating.

HOnors and Awards

Honors and Awards

The Delta Sigma Pi Key

Each year, Delta Sigma Pi awards the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key to the graduating senior with the highest academic average for the four years of study in business administration.

The Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants Award

Medals are awarded annually to the three outstanding graduating seniors majoring in accounting. The award is based on academic performance in accounting courses.

John F. Y. Stambaugh Awards

Plaques and cash awards are bestowed annually on the outstanding accounting senior and junior, based on overall academic and extracurricular performance.

The Floyd Lamar Vaughan Memorial Award

The student chapter of the American Marketing Association bestows this annual award for excellence in marketing studies to an outstanding Price College of Business student.

The Julian J. Rothbaum Award

Given annually to a senior student majoring in energy management.

The Kenneth Baker Horning Memorial Award

An annual award given for excellence in business writing. 

The Oklahoma City Sales Marketing Executives Awards

Keys and awards are bestowed annually for excellence in marketing and sales studies.

The Oklahoma Chapter Of The Financial Executive Institute Of America Award

A key is awarded annually to an outstanding student majoring in accounting.

The Horace B. Brown Case Study Award

Awarded annually by the Division of Marketing to the undergraduate student (or team) who has made the most significant contribution in classes taught by the case method. The award consists of a certificate and cash award.

The Entrepreneurship Institute Awards

Separate awards are made to graduate and undergraduate students for the best plan involving entrepreneurial activities. The award includes a certificate and cash award.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans

Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans

The University of Oklahoma has many general financial aid programs, including the following: Perkins Loans, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, PELL, Work-Study, Stafford Student Loans, institutional short-term loans and Lew Wentz Foundation Loans. Students interested in applying for any of these programs should contact the Office of Financial Aid Services, 1000 Asp Avenue, room 216, Norman, OK 73019-4078. 

In addition, Price College offers a wide variety of scholarships, fellowships, grants, loans, and research and teaching assistantships. Most financial assistance awards for doctoral students are made on April 1. For a complete listing refer to A Guide to Scholarships and Financial Aid available at the Academic Advising Services Office, or contact the Graduate Programs Office, Michael F. Price College of Business. Examples are: 


BKD, Citgo, Cole & Reed, ConocoPhillips, Deloitte, Ernst & Young LLP, ExxonMobil, Grant Thornton, Halliburton, Kerr McGee, KPMG, Norman Chapter of CPAs, OG&E, Oklahoma Society of CPAs, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, Tax Executives Institute, Tulsa Chapter of CPAs, Union Pacific, and individuals provide funds for one or more scholarships each year, most ranging from $400 to $2,500, to graduate and undergraduate students majoring in accounting. Selection is based on scholarship and the recommendation of the scholarship committee of the School of Accounting. 


The majority of scholarships come from companies and professional organizations within the energy industry, in addition to individuals and private foundations. 


  • The Oklahoma Bankers Association provides a $1,000 scholarship annually to an outstanding student whose major academic interest lies in the field of Banking and Finance. 
  • The Elmer R. Burns Jr. Scholarship is awarded annually to a full-time student majoring in finance with a field of concentration in banking to a junior with a 3.00 GPA for use in the senior year. The recipient must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma and in need of financial assistance as determined by the Office of Financial Aid Services. 
  • The Farmers Insurance Group Scholarship provides two or three annual awards to full-time students majoring in finance with an interest in insurance. Recipients must be either a sophomore, junior, or senior with a C+ grade point average. 
  • The Oklahoma Bankers Foundation provides an annual award of $1,000 to a junior or senior majoring in finance. 
  • The William A. Schaper Memorial Fund provides scholarships annually to students majoring in finance. The scholarships are offered in memory of Dr. William A. Schaper, a former chairperson of the Division of Finance. 
  • The Z. M. Lang Scholarship is available annually to a student interested in insurance.


The late Dr. Ronald B. Shuman, George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus, established a graduate fellowship of approximately $1,000 to be granted to a doctoral student in Price College, preferably one who will write a dissertation in the field of management. Other areas, however, will be considered and the fellowship may be granted to a doctoral student who plans to write his or her dissertation in one of the other functional fields of business. 

The friends of Dr. Daniel Wren, David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus and McCasland Foundation Professor of American Free Enterprise Emeritus, have established the Daniel Wren Student Support Fund, which will be granted to a doctoral student in management. The purpose of this annual honor is to enable graduate students to conduct research on their chosen dissertation topic.


Alumni of the college and generous corporate friends help provide thousands of dollars each year for scholarships. Our professional partners include, among others, major accounting firms, aeronautical/aerospace companies, computer and high technology organizations, manufacturers, petroleum companies, retailers, and telecommunications companies. Scholarships given typically range from $500 to $4,000. 


The Neva Loving Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a junior or senior marketing major with a demonstrated financial need according to the guidelines established by the Office of Financial Aid Services.


The Michael F. Price College of Business Dean’s office administers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate students. These scholarships have broad requirements, including financial need, scholastic achievement, and leadership ability.


Many graduate students are eligible for scholarships listed in A Guide to Scholarships and Financial Aid. Students should check with each division about eligibility. 

Various types of financial aid are available through the College and the University. Teaching assistantships and research assistantships, administered through the Office of Graduate Programs, are available to both master’s-level and doctoral students. Teaching assistantships entail primarily sole or shared responsibility for instruction in specified classes at the undergraduate level. Research assistantships consist primarily of work as assistants to faculty members on research projects and other professional activities. 

For information on other financial aid offered at the University, contact the Office of Financial Aid and the Graduate College.


Scholarships are subject to change periodically. Each year new scholarships are established and others are discontinued. For further information, contact the director of the division/school concerned or inquire in Price Hall, Room 1010.