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Administrative Officers

  • Martha L. Banz, Ph.D., Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Studies, Associate Provost for Continuing Education
  • Belinda P. Biscoe, Ph.D., Interim Vice President for University Outreach, Public and Community Services
  • Shad B. Satterthwaite, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Studies

Thurman White Forum Building
Thurman White Forum Building

General Information

General Information

The University of Oklahoma Outreach (OU Outreach), provides academic outreach opportunities to the state, region, and nation. As the administrative unit for outreach at the University of Oklahoma, OU Outreach programs are the means by which the University extends its resources to the people of Oklahoma and beyond.

By encompassing comprehensive, multidisciplinary academic services and programs which focus on the needs of adult learners, OU Outreach offers both credit and noncredit courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, correspondence study, public service activities, and travel study programs. The diversity and quality of the services available through continuing education programs provide an exciting and challenging academic experience.

OU Outreach develops and administers instructional activities that utilize the insight and expertise of the University of Oklahoma faculty in conjunction with community professionals in the areas of business, science, education, and the arts. The aim of OU Outreach is to provide an educational foundation that enhances technical and social capability through a lifetime of learning and renewal.

In addition to the following departments and services, OU Outreach is constantly developing new programs. For information regarding the most recently initiated programs, please direct inquiries to:

University of Oklahoma Outreach, 1700 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73072-6400, (405) 325-4414 or visit our website www.outreach.ou.edu.

Outreach Registration and Records

Outreach Registration and Records (R&R) is charged with processing noncredit and credit registrations offered through the University, both on and off-campus. In addition, this office serves as the official office of record and the reporting agent for Veterans’ Administration benefits.

Registrants for many noncredit conferences, workshops, and seminars will register through this office. Questions regarding financial payments and invoicing should be directed to Outreach Registration and Records staff via phone at 405-325-1022. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards are acceptable payment options. Certificates and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may also be issued through this office. However, Independent Study registrations are processed through the Independent Study Office (cidl.ou.edu).

The enrollment in any credit course leading to an accredited degree through the College of Liberal Studies or Advanced Programs requires official admission to the University of Oklahoma. Prospective students may complete their application for admission online using the prospective student portal (www.ou.edu/admissions/home). All regulations regarding resident status, admission requirements, transfer credit, special students, and readmissions are enforced according to guidelines established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the University of Oklahoma. Permanent student records are kept in the Outreach Registration and Records Office.

Although online registration is the preferred method, telephone registration is the alternative method. Those interested in attending noncredit programs may call 405-325-1022 during regular office hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday) to register. Registration for these activities may also be faxed to 405-325-7164. Oklahomans outside the Norman area or those outside Oklahoma may call 1-800-522-0772 ext. 2248 for noncredit registration.

For noncredit based courses, early registration is strongly recommended as some courses have limited space available.

To request more information regarding the ordering of transcripts, the admission criteria, or records please contact: Registration and Records, University of Oklahoma Outreach, 1700 Asp Avenue, Room B-1, Norman, OK 73072-6400 or FAX: 405-325-7273.

Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education

University Outreach (College of Continuing Education) at the University of Oklahoma is housed in the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education (OCCE). Designed as a comprehensive adult learning community for educational activities, OCCE is one of several W.K. Kellogg Foundation-funded centers in the world. OCCE provides a unique setting for individuals who have chosen this facility for their meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars.

The Thurman White Forum Building offers facilities for 1,000 participants through a combination of 15 meeting rooms, a computer lab, and the large auditorium-sized Forum Room that seats 600. Equipped with soundproof projection and audio booths, multiple screens, audio/visual equipment and camera decks, the Forum Room provides many technical adaptations to meet any group's conference requirements. On-site technical support is available for the computer lab.

OCCE includes the Administration Building, McCarter Hall, and the Boomer Outreach Building, all of which house many of OU Outreach's administrative staff. In addition, ten duplex cottage units (Sooner Suites) provide an intimate atmosphere with each side featuring a kitchenette, living area, two double bedrooms, and a bath.

For more information on the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education call (405) 325-7378.

continuing education academic programs

Continuing Education Academic Programs

Credit and Noncredit Programs for Learners of All Ages

Adult learners are especially unique because many have clear and precise career and personal goals in mind. They also know which educational and training programs will help them achieve those goals. Others seek education and training as a way to help them advance their careers and chart their futures. Still others view education and training as an end in itself and pursue learning for learning’s sake.

As a division of University Outreach, Continuing Education Academic Programs (CEAP) is committed to meeting the education and training needs of a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

CEAP offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, credit courses, noncredit courses, workshops, and conferences. In addition, CEAP provides certification programs, consultation and technical assistance, and executive and professional training services. CEAP programs also extend to include many federal and state grants and contracts as well as other services to adult and part-time learners.

Dr. Martha Banz, Associate Provost

For more information call (405) 325-1931 or visit the website at www.ou.edu/content/outreach/about_us/ceap.

CEAP programs and links to their websites below.

Advanced Placement Summer Institute

The University of Oklahoma Advanced Placement Summer Institute for teachers is offered by OU Outreach, The College Board, and the Oklahoma Department of Education. New and experienced AP and Pre-AP teachers gather on the University of Oklahoma campus each summer and spend a week exploring the latest methods and curriculum topics in all aspects of AP course content, organization, and methodology. Teachers conclude their institute experience at OU with renewed enthusiasm for the Advanced Placement Program and equipped with new ideas and resource materials to use in their classrooms. Continuing Education Units are awarded upon full attendance and completion of the week’s institute.

Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs (AP) is the administrative unit of OU Outreach designated to manage and deliver advanced degrees to adult and military students and their families throughout the United States and Europe. AP has developed into an efficient liaison activity to support the students who attend University of Oklahoma  programs in the nationally recognized intensive format. Students who choose this format do so because they are busy with other major life activities—e.g. raising families, pursuing careers, defending the country—and are unable to put these critical efforts aside to pursue full-time education on a university campus. Advanced Programs recognizes and respects these students’ choices and works to make entry into and the process of managing the details of moving through a rigorous program of study as easy as possible.

Advanced Programs prides itself in the uniqueness of our approach to providing a unique course delivery model. This model includes a personalized one-week or two-weekend intensive face-to-face course delivery experience combined with a strong pre- and post- distance learning component. A pacesetter among other nontraditional graduate programs, OU has mastered the ability to bring the U.S. classroom experience to adult and military students all over the world. The flexibility of this program, to include both online courses and opportunities for course completion at multiple sites, allows students to complete their degrees in an 18-24 month period.

A unique and innovative PhD program available in Europe combines the intensive classroom format with two summer residency experiences on the University of Oklahoma's Norman campus. Students take all courses, except electives, as a cohort group. Transcripts and diplomas are identical to those received by Norman campus students.

The University of Oklahoma has been a partner with the Department of Defense and Military Voluntary Education Programs for more than 70 years, starting with training Naval aviators during WW II. During this time, significant growth has occurred in distance learning and technology. Since 1964 more than 8,500 military personnel, family members, DoD personnel, and eligible civilians have graduated from this unique program at 53 sites worldwide.

Advanced Programs' strengths include bringing the resources of a comprehensive research university to students around the globe. A quality administrative staff provides seamless customer service to students in their pursuit of educational excellence.

For more information call (405) 325-2250 or go to goOU.ou.edu.

Aviation Department

OU Aviation offers a bachelor of science degree with four concentrations to choose from: Professional Pilot, Aviation Management, Non-Flying Aviation Management, and Air Traffic Control. This program also provides certificate and noncredit flight training.

Aviation Department--Sooner Flight Academy

The Sooner Flight Academy provides aviation education programs and resources for children and teachers. The academy uses exciting aviation activities to promote science, technology, engineering, and math. Summer aviation camps are held in Norman. In addition during the school year, Sooner Flight Academy offers a variety of programs such as field trips to the airport, school’s-out-day camps, Sooner Kids Science Club, and Ticket to Tomorrow programs held at schools across Oklahoma.
For more information, visit flightcamp.ou.edu.

Center for Community, Energy and Economic Development

The Center for Community, Energy, and Economic Development (CEED) offers a variety of nontraditional programs. For the community CEED administers the OU Civic Orchestra, the New Horizons Band, and the Drive By Press Advanced Printmaking Workshop. The OU Civic Orchestra provides advanced musicians throughout the community the opportunity to perform high quality orchestral literature. It may be taken for credit by OU students or as a noncredit enrollment by students and others interested in orchestral music. The New Horizons concept applies to senior adults typically (but not exclusively) in large band programs as well as smaller ensembles such as stage bands, Dixie bands, orchestras, and chamber music groups. This band program is designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced adult musicians who wish to learn, continue, or hone musical skills—even those unable to read music. The Drive By Press Summer Printmaking Workshop focuses on advanced techniques and practices in all printmaking disciplines. Workshop participants spend two weeks focusing on self-defined projects under the guidance of professional print artists.

Founded in 1962, the University of Oklahoma's Economic Development Institute (EDI) is an executive development certificate program that has been the primary professional training program for those in the business of economic development since its creation. A unit within OU Outreach, EDI's central focus is to provide economic development professionals and those aspiring to the economic development profession the proven, essential skills and knowledge to be successful economic developers and positively impact their communities and states. The institute conducts instructional programs in various locations around the country. Each session lasts one week, and participants study three core areas considered to be building blocks of economic development: business retention and expansion, real estate and finance. OU EDI also offers online courses allowing participants flexibility and the ability to accelerate through the program.

OU EDI draws its instructors from the ranks of today's leading economic development practitioners and educators across the country. The institute is accredited by the International Economic Development Council and is the only multi-year, professional level program of its type in the U. S. In addition, OU EDI provides the classroom knowledge necessary to obtain the Certified Economic Development (CEcD) designation from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). More than 4,500 economic development professionals have graduated from OU/EDI with 600 new enrollments annually.

In recognition of the critical need for career-long engineering education, Engineering and Geosciences Programs works closely with industry experts, professional engineering groups and governmental agencies to extend the expertise of the faculties of the College of Engineering. Engineering and Geosciences is also committed to the continuing education of engineers in all aspects of technical research and development. Investment and international economic development programs involving engineering and infrastructure projects are also pivotal new directions being taken by Engineering and Geosciences. Major conferences in the areas of Gas Conditioning, Gas Compression and Corrosion Control provide effective forums for sharing current research and knowledge.

Engineering and Geosciences Programs also delivers a state-of-the-art Blowout Prevention School. The course materials feature the latest methods for increasing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety as well as new technology. In addition, the Blowout Prevention School is accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC).

For more information, call (405) 325-3136, or email: edi@ou.edu

Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence 

The Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence Program provides training for local government chamber executives and staff. It teaches both the basic and advanced skills necessary to manage a Chamber of Commerce office. The program focuses on enhancing the value of local chambers through increased staff knowledge and practical skills. It provides operational skills in financial, management, legal issues, member recruitment, and business growth. These skills are facilitated through two-day seminars taught by recognized chamber professionals. 

For more information call (405) 325-3136, or visit chamberexcellence.ou.edu.

Center for English as a Second Language

The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) offers both an intensive English language program leading to English language proficiency, and exposure to American university classroom culture adaptation. Designed for highly motivated students who wish to master English quickly and thoroughly, CESL provides beginning, intermediate, and advanced level instruction throughout the year. CESL can help increase the English language skills of international students who are academically qualified for admission to the University of Oklahoma but who need assistance in meeting the University's English proficiency requirement. CESL also provides an ideal means of gaining greater English competency for residents of the surrounding Oklahoma community. International students are aided by international business and industry leaders who work closely with CESL and other OU offices to provide quality guidance and instruction. CESL also hosts special programs in conjunction with universities in other countries.

For more information, call (405) 325-2351 or visit esl.ou.edu.

Center for Independent and Distance Learning

The Center for Independent and Distance Learning (CIDL) is the distance education development and delivery component of the College of Continuing Education. CIDL serves both university and non-university communities through: Online College courses, Testing Services and Electronic Media and Photo Services. CIDL also delivers contractual educational courses and degree programs to military personnel through programs like Navy College Program for Afloat and GoArmyEd.

CIDL offers a variety of undergraduate online courses in 16 & 8 week terms. Each college-credit course contains subject matter identical to classes offered on campus.

Credit through testing is provided to students through the University Testing Center at CIDL. The Testing Center offers the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education (DANTES) Standardized Subject Tests (DSST) and institutionally developed advanced standing examinations. The Testing Center also offers the American College Testing (ACT) residual exam and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

For more information, visit cidl.ou.edu.

China Outreach

The China Outreach Institute connects the educational resources of the University of Oklahoma to China and strives to continually develop business partnerships through training and development initiatives.

The Institute offers training and development to businesses, academic and government institutions from China connecting to OU's resources. As one of the Overseas Training Vendors for State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, People's Republic of China, the institute is the business arm of OU Outreach and has been involved for many years in partnerships with a number of Chinese companies providing training for their personnel. Some internationally recognized companies working with the institute are PetroChina, China National Offshore Oil Company and Dagang Oil Field.

For more information, call Sharon Gou at (405) 325-5101.

Continuing Legal Education 

In conjunction with the OU College of Law, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs are offered throughout the year. Continuing Legal Education programs provide lawyers with credit to fulfill mandatory annual requirements. Learning opportunities also exist for professionals in the health field to participate in professional development programs to fulfill requirements for continuing education and to keep up to date in their fields. 

For more information, visit law.ou.edu/CLE

Developmental Math

The Developmental Math consortium between the University of Oklahoma and Redlands Community College offers OU students a convenient way to build a strong math foundation prior to beginning University math courses required by their academic degree. DMAT 0113 and DMAT 0123 serve as prerequisites to MATH 1473, MATH 1503, and MATH 1643.

For more information contact Dr. Nancy Matthews at nmatthews@ou.edu or (405) 325-5101.

Engineering/Geosciences Programs

Engineering/Geosciences Programs provides engineers with conferences, seminars, workshops, and courses. These include the annually held Corrosion Control Course, Blowout Prevention School, Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, Gas Compressor Short Course, and the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement.

For more information, call (405) 325-3136 or visit www.ou.edu/content/outreach/engr.


For more than 30 years, Intersession has been offering currently admitted University of Oklahoma undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain academic credit and graduate sooner. OU appointed faculty, from a variety of academic disciplines, offer three-week courses in both traditional and online formats December, May, and August. Intersession courses are the same cost and help students balance their semester load in order to be able to utilize their time for internships, studying abroad, social activities, or work.

For more information or to enroll, visit www.ou.edu/intersession. Contact the Intersession office at (405) 325-2899 or intersession@ou.edu.

Invest Ed® 

Invest Ed® is an unbiased, multi-component investor education program that is a contract between OU Outreach and the Oklahoma Securities Commission. Through a variety of programs designed for all ages, the program works to increase Oklahomans' investment knowledge and anti-fraud awareness. Program components include "Investor Protection Kit" and "My Money Handbook" publications; an anti-fraud documentary series; radio and television public service announcements and "The Investment Minute" series; summer teacher institutes and advanced training workshops; and a program for high school students to track and research the stock market. 

For more information, visit our website at www.investedok.org


KGOU Radio is a full-service public radio station presented as a community service through the University of Oklahoma Outreach. KGOU broadcasts 24 hours per day to more than 12 Oklahoma counties and nearly 1 million people, with a potential worldwide audience via the station's audio web stream. With professional management staff, part-time student staff and college interns, KGOU provides a unique program service to the citizens of Oklahoma. Its mission is to provide programming that enriches the minds of listeners through news, information, music, and arts. National Public Radio's award-winning news programs, "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered," and award-winning talk programs, "The Diane Rehm Show" and "Talk of the Nation" form the core of the program schedule. A variety of other informational programs from the British Broadcast Corporation, Public Radio International and independent producers round out a schedule of news magazines, discussions, call-ins, in-depth interviews and features. These programs offer a diverse range of topics including breaking news stories, politics, business, medicine, science, literatur,e and international affairs, as well as gardening, cooking, comedy, and entertainment. The presentations move between serious current issues and civil discussion to humor, culture, and the arts. 

Locally the station produces news stories, features, documentaries, a weekend blues show, and world music show in addition to "Assignment: Radio," a program produced by students who earn class credit for their work. In 2008, KGOU staff won more than 30 state, regional, and national awards for their work. KGOU highlights a wide range of local community events through its online and on-air calendars. In addition, the station is a partner in Jazz in June, a free concert series held annually in Norman. OU students have opportunities for hands-on experience through practicum, internship, and other courses offered through the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications, as well as through paid, part-time positions in the various departments within the station. With assistance from OU, KGOU relies on listener, business, and corporate support to maintain a high quality service for the communities it serves. 

For more information, visit kgou.org

Lean Institute 

The Lean Institute at the University of Oklahoma offers training in Lean, Supply Chain Operations and Six Sigma White Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt certifications.  Under contract with Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), the College of Continuing Education first implemented the Lean Institute at Tinker AFB in order to assist the largest single site employer in Oklahoma with workforce transformation of Air Force logistical operations. Lean Institute soon expanded to offer its process improvement training to such organizations as the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and the U.S. Postal Service. Customized programs are available for small businesses, hospitals, and other companies and organizations seeking to improve processes and work more efficiently. 

For more information, visit lean.ou.edu

Lean/Six Sigma Fundamentals

Since the late 1980s, Lean and Six Sigma have become popular process improvement methodologies for the industry practitioner. Many organizations—such as Toyota, Motorola, Coca Cola, GE, John Deere, IBM, FAA, U.S. Air Force, and Boeing—require knowledge and application of Lean and Six Sigma tools for competitiveness. Although each can be applied separately, in combination, they become an invaluable tool set for breakthrough improvements in the manufacturing and the service sectors of both industry and government.

This 40-hour (five days, eight hours per day) certification workshop focuses on the background, basic principles, elements, and primary application areas of LEAN (three days) and SIX SIGMA (two days) fundamentals. No specific background in any discipline is required as a prerequisite to register or to be successful in receiving certification.

Medieval Fair 

The Medieval Fair, held annually each spring since 1977, began as a forum for the English Department and later moved to University Outreach reflecting its impact on our community. It was recently recognized in 2011 by Renaissance Magazine as the second largest festival in the country of its type for the number of participants attending. It has grown into a program that is supported by the strong community of medieval enthusiasts in the Norman and Oklahoma City Metropolitan areas. During the academic year, a free lecture series is provided by university faculty from across the state of Oklahoma.

The Medieval Fair brings together more than 200 artists and crafters from around the United States to sell fine art and demonstrate how their crafts are made. Educational groups have displays, presentations, and activities teaching about life in the Middle Ages: Arthurian Order of Avalon, Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Association, Society for Creative Anachronism, and more. Musical, dramatic, and jousting entertainment is provided on seven stages by local and national performers. The Medieval Fair transports patrons away from the worries and cares of today, back in time to the first market fair of spring 1360 in the town of Avalon where they can learn about and become a part of life in the Middle Ages.

Visit the Medieval Fair website at medievalfair.org. For more information or to become involved with these programs, contact Ann Marie Eckart at (405) 325-8610 or ameckart@ou.edu.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

University Outreach at the University of Oklahoma has been dedicated to providing programs for mature adults for some three decades. Initially, these programs took the form of travel study opportunities and Elderhostel courses. In the 1980s, OU Outreach dedicated a unit, which became Senior Adult Services (SAS). 

In 2006, SAS received a grant from The Bernard Osher Foundation in California to become one of 100 Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes in America. The grant allows the program to do more of what it does best — serve the seniors of Oklahoma. In 2010, the program was endowed with a $1 million gift from The Bernard Osher Foundation.

Today, OLLI at OU provides educational and enrichment opportunities for older adult learners. These include "Mornings with the Professor," "Elderlearn," "OU Book Club," and "Senior Seminars." 

For more information, visit our website at olliatou.org. 

Precollegiate Programs 

Precollegiate Programs provides academic experiences and leadership training for pre-college students, first-through 12th grade. The program reaches 5,000 youth each year with its array of academic enrichment and leadership programs. Among the academic programs are American College Testing (ACT) and Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) examination review sessions; Model United Nations of the Southwest; Earth Cycles, an ExxonMobil Bernard Harris summer science camp; and Horizons Unlimited, a program for gifted and talented youth, as well as several summer STEM academies funded by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Other programs include CSI summer camp and Mini College. 

For more information, visit youth.ou.edu.

Professional, Academic, and Community Education 

Professional, Academic, and Community Education (PACE) collaborates with various colleges on the University of Oklahoma campus to offer university students additional opportunities to gain academic credit both online and traditionally in order to obtain their dream of earning a degree from a nationally recognized higher education institution. In addition, PACE collaborates to offer travel studies; training programs for educators, business, and industry partners; and administration of grants and contracts with public, private, and government agencies.

For more information, call (405) 325-5101 or visit pace.ou.edu.

Sooner Jump Start 

Sooner Jump Start (SJS) is a two-semester bridge program designed for international high school graduates (age 17-21) who have no more than one semester of college. The program consists of two phases, each aimed to cultivate students’ English and academic skills. During Phase I, students study at the OU Center for English as a Second Language, focusing on English and cultural immersion.  During Phase II, students are enrolled in twelve face-to-face freshman credits through the OU Center for Independent and Distance Learning. Excellent teacher/student ratio and structured support enhance students’ opportunity for success.

In addition to the academic courses, SJS offers character education and personal growth training designed to facilitate personal development and leadership, preparing students for successful academic and professional futures. Throughout the program, students are guided in academic and daily life by a team of highly qualified graduate assistants.

Additionally, the program immerses students in American culture through field trips to museums, sporting events, shopping excursions, and community service activities. Furthermore, all SJS students live in the residence halls, sharing suites with American students. There they experience a rich cultural and social environment and are introduced to many opportunities for language acquisition and leadership.  

For more information, call (405) 325-1203 or visit sjs.ou.edu.

Travel Study 

The Travel Study program provides opportunities for students to study a variety of topics such as advertising, writing, music theatre, architecture, and language while being immersed in an international culture. Travel allows students to gain new perspectives about the world, to immerse themselves in a particular subject of interest, and to experience subjects in a way that cannot be attained in a traditional campus classroom environment.

For more information, call (405) 325-5101 or visit http://www.cafe.ou.edu/travelstudy.html.

U. S. Postal Service National Center for Employee Development 

Under contract with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), OU Outreach provides more than 150 instructors and support staff for the Norman-based U.S. Postal Service National Center for Employee Development (NCED), the sole technical training facility for the USPS and one of the most modern training centers in the world. The self-contained, living and learning center oversees and conducts hands-on technical training for postal employees who manage and maintain high-technology mail processing equipment, vehicles, building systems, and computer-information networks. NCED also delivers and hosts general courses on management and leadership, business mail management, and various programs for both internal (USPS) and external clients. Instructors teach approximately 200 courses ranging from seminars, two-day to six-week courses, and 11-week distance learning courses. The center trains approximately 60,000 postal technicians a year from all over the United States.

For more information, visit nced.com

public and community services

Public and Community Services

Of all the services, programs and divisions housed at the University of Oklahoma, the Public and Community Service Division (PCS) is unique.

For more than 60 years programs within the PCS Division have evolved by recognizing and responding to changing social and cultural needs. PCS programming remains constant in its efforts to address the needs of underserved populations. Nationally recognized content specialists create programming to address needs and our strategic business model finds funding to support programming. It is one of the country’s most socially responsive college organizations.

Dr. Belinda Biscoe, Interim Vice President for University Outreach, Public and Community Services

For more information, call (405) 325-1711 or visit www.ou.edu/content/outreach/about_us/pcs

PCS programs and links to their websites below.

American Indian Institute

The American Indian Institute (Aii) assembles specialists from North American Indian tribes and bands from backgrounds in education, human services, sociology, psychology, history, economics, research, and evaluation to provide leadership and strategies related to the challenges they face. The major goals of the American Indian Institute are to promote:

  • Indian education and research
  • Training, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities
  • The development of human and natural resources
  • The preservation of tribal and band languages, cultures, traditions, and histories
  • The utilization of university resources by Indian tribes, bands, and organizations

Aii provides workshops, seminars, conferences, on-site consultation, and technical assistance on a state, regional, national, and international basis. Aii's events attract representatives from hundreds of North American Indian tribes and bands to examine contemporary problems and solutions from a North American Indian perspective.

For more information, call 405-325-4127 or visit aii.ou.edu.

Center for Early Childhood Professional Development 

The Center for Early Childhood Professional Development (CECPD) provides training and technical assistance for early care and education professionals, enabling them to provide improved educational foundations and quality of life for all Oklahoma children.

One of the CECPD’s goals is to develop a clearly defined career development system for early childhood professionals. CECPD’s leadership has established various paths for teachers to improve their professional qualifications, including:

  • Developing, implementing, and analyzing a comprehensive training program
  • Forming effective work groups and partnerships to implement strategic directions
  • Conducting conferences for professionals in the field
  • Establishing a career recognition system

To learn more about the CECPD and its collaborative partners, call 405-799-6383 or visit cecpd.org.

Center for Effective Schools

The Center for Effective Schools (OU CES) is a nationally recognized Effective Schools center that serves as a professional development and technical assistance provider. Since its inception in 1999, OU CES has successfully worked with many schools and districts across the country, including many tribal and Bureau of Indian Education schools, to improve student achievement.

Services are data driven and customized for each school based on its needs. School districts contract with OU CES based on their funding situations and specific grants.

To learn more about the services provided by the Center for Effective Schools, call 405-325-7080 or visit ces.ou.edu.

Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis

The Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis (C-IDEA) was established in April 1998 to meet the growing national demand for comparative institutional research data. Its mission is to assist colleges, universities, and other higher education organizations in developing comparative data and in utilizing existing national databases for planning and decision-making.

Typically, the center's projects are funded by two sources: grass-root support from colleges and universities and federal/state grants and contracts. As an example of projects receiving grass-root support, C-IDEA is the host of the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE). The CSRDE is supported by a diverse group of more than 470 four-year colleges and universities. Working together with these institutions, the center conducts annual retention studies and publishes a report on "Retention and Graduation Rates at U.S. Colleges and Universities" each year. This publication provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive retention data analyses in the nation, and addresses the retention and graduation rates of 80% of all first-time full time freshmen attending public institutions. It is widely used as a reference guide for bench marking retention and graduation rates on today's college campuses. The CSRDE also studies the retention and graduation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) majors, as well as community college transfers into four-year institutions. 

More recently, the center has begun an initiative to expand the CSRDE to include community colleges in its membership. This expansion will provide community colleges the opportunity to engage in cooperative data sharing and reporting activities that will address the retention, graduation, awards, and transfer issues that are important to them. 

As an example of federal/state sponsored projects, the center developed the National Database on Underrepresented Minority STEM Retention with a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). C-IDEA is currently funded to serve as a program evaluator on the NSF Louis Stokes Oklahoma Alliance for Minority Participation program. 

For more information, visit csrde.ou.edu.

Center for Public Management 

The Center for Public Management (CPM) began in 1994 as a satellite-training network for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. CPM has since expanded its core services to become a comprehensive solution provider for public partners. CPM provides a variety of services including:

  • Training and development
  • Project management
  • Event management
  • Outreach
  • Program implementation and management
  • Call center consultation and management
  • Information support services

CPM works with public agencies, nonprofits, and private industries to deliver cost-effective, customer-oriented solutions tailored to each client. CPM is capable of calling upon the vast resources of the entire university’s faculty and staff to help continue to provide creative, effective solutions.

To learn more, call 405-325-0519 or visit oucpm.org.

Center for the Study of Small/Rural Schools 

The University of Oklahoma’s Center for the Study of Small/Rural Schools (CSSRS) is one of the five rural education research centers endorsed by the National Rural Education Association. Its clients include school boards, teachers, administrators, businesses, community groups, rural organizations, state and federal agencies, as well as international agencies and governments.

The center aids small and rural schools through workshops, surveys, needs assessments, and technical assistance to aid in:

  • Building and maintaining necessary knowledge bases
  • Applying research in the areas of school improvement and reform
  • Restructuring
  • Staff development
  • Administration
  • Teaching

Learn more about CSSRS at cssrs.ou.edu.


Conference Pros began in 1996, providing conference logistics support services for federal and state programs. In 1997, they expanded services to include conference, meeting, and event planning services. Conference Pros aids local, regional, national, and international agencies and organizations in developing and conducting conferences that meet the specific needs of their direct clientele.

Conference Pros benefits from the strengths of faculty at OU’s College of Continuing Education, as well as a wide range of other resources and consultants in recommending appropriate expertise and presentation skills in various fields of study. The staff of Conference Pros has extensive experience and demonstrated success in designing content, providing logistical support, and conducting large national and international conferences of high impact, visibility, and national or international acclaim.

For more information, call 800-203-5494 or visit conferencepros.org.

Educational Training, Evaluation, Assessment and Measurement 

Educational Testing, Evaluation, Assessment, and Measurement (E-TEAM) designs research tools and evaluations to help organizations understand and use data to solve real-world problems. E-TEAM works on projects for the public and private sectors that have a lasting effect on the community. The program helps community leaders determine what is best for the community through evaluation, assessment, and research.

To learn more about the many services provided by E-TEAM, call 405-325-5257 or visit eteam.ou.edu.

Executive Training and Team Quest 

Executive Training and Team Quest (ETTQ) equips teams and leaders with skills and tools to become more effective. ETTQ satisfies the needs of adult learners through unique training that incorporates action learning, self-assessment, focused discussion, and engaging classroom instruction.

ETTQ’s unique approach provides training experiences that incorporate action learning exercises, self-assessments, focused discussions, and engaging classroom instruction. The Training and Development Certificate Program is also available for professionals who want to increase their skills as facilitators and trainers.

For more information about the services provided by ETTQ, call 405-325-0464 or visit ettq.ou.edu.

National Center for Disability Education and Training 

The National Center for Disability Education and Training (NCDET) improves independent living, employment, and career opportunities for people with disabilities. Through its model programs, NCDET proves that youth and adults with disabilities can be successfully employed.

The center develops and delivers customized training programs for professionals in related disability fields. Through funding from the Social Security Administration, NCDET staff delivers training and services to beneficiaries with disabilities across the state. NCDET has developed many training tools to improve the skills of management and frontline staff providing employment support to individuals with disabilities.

For more information on the many programs and services provided by the National Center for Disability Education and Training, call 405-325-0158 or visit ncdet.ou.edu.

National Resource Center for Youth Services 

The National Resource Center for Youth Services (NRCYS) works to improve the quality of life for the nation’s at-risk youth and their families by improving the effectiveness of human services. NRCYS supports state and federal grants and contracts designed to support professionals working with youth in out-of-home care. The center focuses on working with older youth in foster care and runaway and homeless youth.

The staff of 70 offers quality training, technical assistance, conferences, and training materials. The center develops training and technical assistance that enables child welfare and youth services professionals to take full advantage of available effective practices.

NRCYS developed the curricula of choice for emergency shelters, hospitals, therapeutic foster care programs, and community-based residential programs throughout North America. As well as its own training programs, the center coordinates and manages several state, regional, and national training programs through contracts with state and federal public human services agencies. NRCYS also works with Oklahoma Department of Human Services to plan and coordinate a comprehensive statewide foster and adoptive parent training program.

To learn more about the National Resource for Youth Services and the many services it provides, call 918-660-3700 or visit nrcys.ou.edu.

Public Service Institute 

Managing change is critical for schools, churches, public service, and social organizations. A leader’s response to change is often the greatest factor affecting the success or failure of his or her organization. The Public Service Institute teaches leaders how to allow their organizations to remain dynamic and supportive of clients despite a constantly changing environment.

One of the primary initiatives of the Public Service Institute is the Infopoverty Institute. It aims to eradicate poverty and its negative effects through sustainable development. Through its focus on information access, the Institute uses connectivity to improve living conditions in impoverished communities around the world.

For more information, call 405-325-7763.

South Central Comprehensive Center/Central Comprehensive Center

In 2012, OU Outreach was awarded two grants totaling nearly $19 million from the U.S. Department of Education to support state departments of education in seven states. The first grant, given to establish the South Central Comprehensive Center (SC3) and totaling nearly $11 million over five years, will provide technical assistance on education initiatives in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. The second grant to establish the Central Comprehensive Center (C3) and totaling nearly $8 million over five years will provide similar support to Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. Partnering with WestEd, the Academic Development Institute, the National Indian Education Association, the Neuhaus Education Center, and Northrop Grumman, the OU centers will work to increase the capacity of states to help districts and schools in meeting student achievement goals. The centers are part of a national network of 15 regional centers that will provide training and technical assistance to state education agencies in implementing and administering programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. An additional seven content centers will provide research-based information and tools to support the work of the regional comprehensive centers. OU Outreach is the only university-based organization to be awarded a regional center.

For more information about the South Central Comprehensive Center, call 405-325-1729 or visit the website at www.sc3ta.org. For more information about the Central Comprehensive Center, call 405-325-1729 or visit www.c3ta.org.

Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies 

Since 1961, the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies (SWCHRS) assembled representatives from business, industry, education, government, labor, the media, and community-based agencies and organizations to explore how to affect equal opportunities. The center aims to promote understanding and cooperation among those of different racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. SWCHRS provides client-based training programs focusing on cultural diversity and cross-cultural communications in education and the workplace.

Each year, the Southwest Center hosts the leading national forum on issues of race and ethnicity in higher education. The National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) attracts thousands of students, educators, administrators, businesspeople, and government officials from around the world. It has consistently generated revenue and raised the profile of the both SWCHRS and NCORE

For more information on the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies, call 405-325-3694 or visit swchrs.ou.edu. For more information on the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education, visit ncore.ou.edu.

Southwest Prevention Center 

The Southwest Prevention Center (SWPC) is committed to preventing alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse, and high-risk behavior. This multi-state program provides prevention information, training, and technical assistance and develops prevention resources. SWPC works to support healthy, drug-free environments through community, school, and organizational capacity building.

SWPC provides:

  • Training
  • Technical assistance
  • Materials development
  • Program evaluation
  • Information dissemination to schools, community-based coalitions, policy makers, and other social service and professional agencies

The center’s most prominent grant project, the Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, Southwest Regional Expert Team (SWRET) is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

For more information, call 405-325-1454 or visit swpc.ou.edu.