The Schusterman Center for Judaic & Israel Studies

Norman A. Stillman, Professor of Judaic History, Director
455 W. Lindsey, Room 403-D
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
Phone: (405) 325-6508
FAX: (405) 325-6521

Faculty Roster 

Professors Levenson, Stillman; Associate Professors Kritz, Schapkow, Shepkaru; Visiting Assistant Professor Lewental; Instructor Reches. In addition, the faculty of the Judaic Studies Program is comprised of approximately 14 faculty members from departments across the University.

Degree Offered 

General Information

Judaic Studies explores the history and culture of the Jewish people over a period of four millennia in the Land of Israel and the Diaspora (their dispersion throughout the world) through the tools of the humanities and the social sciences. The field began as an academic discipline in Europe during the nineteenth century and developed in universities and research centers the world over in the twentieth century. Israel Studies is a much more recent field developed over the last fifty years and is dedicated to studying and interpreting the history, culture, politics, and society of the modern State of Israel. 

The Schusterman Program in Judaic and Israel Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering a wide variety of courses in Jewish history in all periods and places, Hebrew language and literature at all levels, Yiddish, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), Bible, religious thought, philosophy, Jewish literature in translation, as well as anthropological, sociological, and political perspectives on the Jewish and Israeli experience. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid 

The Zarrow Family Scholarship for Judaic Studies was established by Jack and Henry Zarrow of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Zarrow Family Scholarship provides important educational support funding to undergraduate, graduate and exchange students and serves to enrich the Judaic & Israel Studies Program. 

The Esther Rose Shnier XI Chapter of Sigma Delta Tau Scholarship was established by the XI Chapter of the Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, a Jewish sorority formerly a part of the University of Oklahoma campus and provides awards to minors in Judaic Studies or Hebrew and to majors in Judaic & Israel Studies.

The Bezalel Foundation Study in Israel Fellowship supports summer, one-, and two-semester study, archeological work, or research projects in Israel.

The Rosalyn W. Price Memorial Scholarship, which is in the process of being funded, will provide awards to minors or majors in Judaic and Israel Studies. 

Applications for both scholarships are accepted in the spring semester for awards for the coming academic year. 

Undergraduate Study 

Bachelor of Arts 

The Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies provides students with: 1) a solid grounding in the history and culture of one of the seminal components of modern civilization, 2) in-depth familiarity with one of the most significant countries of the Middle East, and 3) proficiency in the language of present-day Israel and of Jewish historical creativity. 

The Judaic Studies major requires a 33-credit-hour core of courses in addition to completion of four semesters of Hebrew language credits (16 credit hours). 

Core Courses: 

HIST 3973, History of Judaism (3 credit hours). 

Four courses (12 credit hours) chosen from the following must be completed: HIST 3413, History of Ancient Israel; HIST 3430, Topics: American Jewish History; HIST 3950, Topics: Modern Jewish History; HIST 3963, Rebirth of Israel; HIST 3983, Medieval Jewish History. 

Electives — five courses (15 credit hours), chosen from a list of approved courses, must also be completed. 

Senior Capstone requirement (3 credit hours) must be chosen from the following list of seminars: HIST 4973, Seminar: Militant Religion in the Middle East; HIST 4973, Seminar in Jewish Historiography. 

Major Support Requirements: 

Students must complete the following language courses for a total of 16 hours: 
HEBR 1115, Beginning Hebrew; HEBR 1225, Beginning Hebrew continued; HEBR 2113, Intermediate Hebrew; HEBR 2213, Topics in Hebrew Grammar. (Requirement waived with demonstrated proficiency of language.) 


The minor consists of 22 hours, including nine hours at the upper-division level. A minimum of five designated Judaic Studies courses will be required, two of which must include Modern Hebrew, or demonstrated proficiency. 

Required courses: 

History: 3973, Judaism: A Religious History 

Modern Languages, Hebrew: 1115, Beginning Hebrew I; 1225 Beginning Hebrew II 
(A student who enters the program with proficiency of the language will be required to take additional Judaic courses.) 


History: 2013 Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations; 2103 Genocide in Modern History; 2123 The Holocaust; 2203 Religion/Archaeology of the Near East, Egypt and Mediterranean; 2223 Evil in Modern Europe; 2503 American Jews/Jewish Americans; 3120 Spain Under Islam; 3203 Transformation of Jews; 3253 Hitler and Nazi Germany; 3293 Anti-Semitism; 3313 Israeli Culture Through Film; 3413 History of Ancient Israel; 3500 Middle East History; 3683 Jewish Mysticism; 3963 Rebirth of Israel;  3770 Jews & Nationality; 3733 History of Heaven and Hell; 3843 International Relations in the Middle East; 3893 Culture and Society in the Middle East; 3950 Contemporary Israeli Society & Politics; 3950 Jews/Christians Under Islam; 3950 Religion, Politics & Society/Mideast; 3953 The Modern Middle East; 3963 The Rebirth of Israel; 3973 History of Judaism; 3983 Medieval Jewish History; 3993 The Evolution of Martyrdom in the Judeo-Christian Civilization; 4003 Jews and Other Germans; 4603 Genesis Through Jewish Eyes; 4613 Old Testament; An Introduction

Anthropology: 4973, Anthropology of Jews & Jewishness; 

English: 3653, Bible as Literature 

Film and Video Studies: 3843, Yiddish Cinema 

International and Area Studies: 3003 Early Islamic Empires; 3473 Arab-Israeli Conflict

Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics: MLLL3063, Jewish Literature, Jewish Literature from Antiquity to the Present, 3073 Hebrew Bible as Literature;

Hebrew: HEBR 3113, Advanced Hebrew, 3223 Advanced Conversation & Reading Hebrew Reading; 

French: 3753 French Culture Through Film 

Spanish: 5333 Studies in Medieval Literature

Religious Studies: 1113 Introduction to Religious Studies; 2403 Introduction to Comparative Religions; 3213 Religion & Violence; 3313 World Religions in America; 3900 Prophets of Israel; 4640 Field Study in Religious Studies (Huqoq, Israel) 

Graduate Study 

Students who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree with an emphasis in Judaic history may do so through the graduate programs offered in the Department of History.