Academic Majors — Undergraduate and Graduate

Subject area Minors/Undergraduate Certificates Bachelors Accelerated Programs Graduate Certificates Graduate
Accounting Accounting Minor B.B.A. B.B.A. (Accounting) & M. Accountancy; B.B.A. (Accounting) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech   M. Accountancy
Administrative Leadership   B.A. in Admin Leadership   Admin. Leadership M.A. in Admin Leadership
Adult & Higher Education         M. Educ; Ph.D.
Aerospace Engineering   B.S. in Aerospace Engr B.S. in Aerospace Engr & M.S. (Aerospace Engr)   M.S., Ph.D.
Aerospace Studies Aerospace Studies Minor        
African Studies African Studies Minor        
African & African-American Studies African & African-American Studies Minor B.A.      
American Indian Law       American Indian Law  
Anthropology Anthropology Minor B.A., B.S. B.A. & M.A.   M.A., Ph.D.
Applications of Educational Research & Evaluation       Appl. Educ. Res. & Eval.  
Applied Behavior Analysis       Applied Behavior Analysis  
Applied Linguistic Anthropology         M.A. in Applied Linguistic Anth
Arabic Arabic Minor B.A.      
Architectural Engineering   B.S. in Arch Engr B.S. in Arch Engr & M.S. (Civil Engr)    
Architectural Studies Architectural Studies Minor B.S. in Architectural Studies B.S. in Architectural Studies & M. Arch    
Architectural Urban Studies         M.S. in Arch Urban Studies
Architecture Architecture Minor B. Arch     M. Arch, M.S. in Arch
Archival Studies       Archival Studies  
Area Studies         M.A. in Intl Studies
Art Art Minor B.F.A. in Art; B.A. in Art     M.F.A. in Art
Art History Art History Minor B.A. in Art History     M.A. in Art History; Ph.D.
Arts & Sciences Planned Program   B.A., B.S.      
Asian Studies Asian Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
Astronomy Astronomy Minor B.S.      
Astrophysics   B.S. in Astrophysics      
Aviation Air Traffic Control Minor; Aviation Mgt Minor; Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot Minor; Single Engine Commercial Pilot Minor B.S.      
Biochemistry   B.S. in Biochemistry      
Biological Conservation Biol Conservation Minor        
Biology Biol Minor B.S.     M.S.; Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering   B.S. in Biomedical Engr B.S. in Biomedical Engr & MS (Biomedical Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Broadcasting for Majors in Meteorology Broadcast Meteorology Minor        
Business Administration Business - General MInor B.B.A.     M.B.A.; Ph.D.
Business of Energy       Business of Energy  
Business Entrepreneurship       Business Entrepreneurship  
Business Foundations       Business Foundations  
Business of Healthcare Business of Healthcare Undergraduate Certificate        
Cellular & Behavioral Neurobiology         Ph.D.
Chemical Biosciences   B.S.     .
Chemical Engineering   B.S. in Chemical Engr B.S. in Chemical Engr & M.S. (Biomedical Engr or Chemical Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Chemistry Chemistry Minor B.S. in Chemistry     M.S.
Chemistry & Biochemistry   B.S.     M.S.; Ph.D.
Chinese Chinese Minor B.A.      
Civil Engineering   B.S. in Civil Engr B.S. in Civil Engr & M.S. (Civil Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Classics Classical Culture Minor B.A.      
College Teaching Certificate       College Teaching Certificate  
Communication Communication Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
Communication, Culture & Pedagogy for Hispanic (ESL/ELL) Populations in Educational Settings       Comm., Culture & Pedagogy for Hispanic (ESL/ELL) Populations Educ Settings  
Computational Technology Comput Tech Minor        
Computer Engineering   B.S. in Computer Engr B.S. in Computer Engr & M.S. (Computer Sci or Electrical & Computer Engr)    
Computer Science Computer Sci Minor B.S. in Computer Sci B.S. in Computer Sci & M.S. (Computer Sci)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Constitutional Studies Constitutional Studies Minor        
Construction Management         M.S. in Construction Mgt
Construction Science Construction Sci Minor B.S. in Construction Sci      
Corrections Management       Corrections Management  
Counseling Psychology         Ph.D.
Criminal Justice   B.S. in Criminal Justice     M.S.
Dance Dance History Minor B.F.A. in Dance     M.F.A. in Dance
Data Science & Analytics         M.S.
Data Systems & Digital Design       Data Systems & Digital Design  
Design Entrepreneurship & Real Estate       Design Entrepreneurship & Real Estate  
Digital Humanities       Digital Humanities  
Drama   B.F.A. in Drama     M.A.
Drug & Alcohol Counseling       Drug & Alcohol Counseling  
Early Childhood Education   B.S. in Educ      
Earth Observation Science for Society & Sustainability       Earth Observation Sci for Society & Sustainability  
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology         Ph.D.
Economics Economics Minor B.A. B.A. (Economics) & M.A. (Economics)   M.A.; Ph.D.
Economics   B.B.A. B.B.A. (Economics) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Education Administration         M. Educ; Ed.D.; Ph.D.
Educational Studies         M. Educ; Ph.D.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical & Computer Engr Minor B.S. in Electrical Engr B.S. in Electrical Engr & M.S. (Electrical & Computer Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Elementary Education   B.S. in Educ      
Energy Law       Energy Law  
Energy Management   B.B.A      
Energy & Natural Resources Law       Energy &Natural Resources Law  
Engineering   B.S. in Engr     M.S.; Ph.D
Engineering Physics   B.S. in Engr Physics     M.S.; Ph.D.
English English Minor B.A. B.A. (English) & M.A. (English)   M.A.; Ph.D.
Enterprise Studies Enterprise Studies MInor        
Entrepreneurship & Venture Management Entrepreneurship Minor for non-Business Majors; Entrepreneurship Minor for Business Majors B.B.A B.B.A. (Entrepreneurship & Venture Mgt) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Environmental Design Environ Design      
Environmental Engineering   B.S. in Environ Engr B.S. in Environ Engr & M.S. in Environ Engr   M.S. in Environ Engr; Ph.D.
Environmental Geology   B.S. in Geology     .
Environmental Science Environ Sci Minor B.S. in Environ Sci B.S. in Environ Sci & M. Environ Sci   M. Environ Sci; Ph.D.
Environmental Studies Environ Studies Minor B.A., B.S.      
Environmental Sustainability Environ Sustainability Minor B.A. in Environ Sustainability; B.S. in Environ Sustainability B.A. in Environ Sustainability & M Regional & City Planning; B.S. in Environ Sustainability & M Regional & City Planning   M.S. in Environ Sustainability
Environmental Technology         M.S. in Arch Urban Studies
Ethics & Religion   B.A.      
European Studies European Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
Film & Media Studies Film & Media Studies Minor B.A.      
Finance Finance Minor B.B.A. B.B.A. (Finance) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Franchising Franchising Minor        
French French Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
Geographic Information Science Geog Info Systems Minor B.A in Geog Info Sci; B.S. in Geog Info Sci B.A. in Geog Info Sci & M Regional & City Planning; B.S. Geog Info Sci & M Regional & City Planning    
Geography Geog Minor, Physical Geog Minor B.A. in Geog; B.S. in Geog B.A. in Geog & M Regional & City Planning; B.S. in Geog & M Regional & City Planning   M.A.; M.S. in Geog; Ph.D.
Geological Engineering   B.S. in Geol Engr     M.S.; Ph.D.
Geology Geol Minor B.S. in Geol     M.S.; Ph.D.
Geophysics   B.S. in Geophysics     M.S.; Ph.D.
Geospatial Information Science Geospatial Info Sci Minor        
Geospatial Technologies       Geospatial Technologies M.S. in Geog
German German Minor B.A.     M.A.
Global Affairs         M.A. in Global Affairs
Global Energy, Environment & Resources Global Energy, Environ & Resources Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
Global Engagement Global Engagement undergraduate certificate        
Global Studies         M.A. in Intl Studies
Greek Greek Minor; Classical Greek Minor        
Healthcare Healthcare Minor        
Health & Exercise Science Health & Exercise Science Minor B.S. in Health & Exercise Sci     M.S.; Ph.D.
Helping Skills in Human Relations       Helping Skills in Human Relations  
Hebrew Hebrew Minor        
History History Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
History of Science, Technology
& Medicine
History of Sci Minor B.A. in History of Sci Tech & Medicine     M.A. in History of Sci Tech & Medicine; Ph.D.
Human Health & Biology   B.S.      
Human & Health Services Administration         M.A.
Human Relations Human Relations Minor B.A.     M. Human Relations
Human Resource Diversity & Development       Human Resource Diversity & Development  
Human Resource Management       Human Resource Mgt  
Human Resources         M.S. in Arch Urban Studies
Hydrologic Science Hydrologic Sci Minor        
Indigenous Peoples Law       Indigenous Peoples Law M. Legal Studies
Industrial and Systems Engineering   B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engr B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engr & M.S. (Industrial & Systems Engr or MBA)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Information Studies Info Studies Minor B.A. in Info Studies B.A. in Info Studies & M. Library & Info Studies   Ph.D.
Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum         M. Educ; Ph.D.
Instructional Psychology & Technology         M. Educ; Ph.D.
Integrated Studies         M.A.
Intelligence & National Security Intelligence & Natl Security Minor        
Intercollegiate Athletics Administration         M. Educ
Interdisciplinary Programs         M.S., M.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies         Ph.D.
Interior Design Interior Design Minor; Interior Design Minor for Arch Majors B. Interior Design   Prof. Appl. Interior Design (PAID) a Theory Based Program M.S. in Interior Design
International and Area Studies   B.A. in Intl & Area Studies B.A. in Intl & Area Studies & M.A. in Intl Studies    
International Development Intl Development Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
International Enterprise Studies Intl Enterprise Studies Minor        
International Business   B.B.A.      
International Relations         M.A. in Intl Relations
International Security Studies Intl Security Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
International Studies Intl Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies B.A. in Intl & Area Studies & M.A. in Intl Studies   M.A. in Intl Studies
Iranian Studies Iranian Studies Minor        
Irish Studies Irish Studies Minor        
Italian Italian Minor B.A.      
Japanese Japanese Minor B.A.      
Journalism   B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Journalism (Journalism or Public Relations) & M.A. (Journalism & Mass Comm)    
Journalism Advertising   B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Journalism (Advertising) & M.A. (Journalism & Mass Comm)    
Journalism Creative Media Production Creative Media Production Minor B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Journalism (Creative Media Production) & M.A. (Journalism & Mass Comm)    
Journalism & Mass Communication         M.A.
Judaic Studies Judaic & Israel Studies Minor B.A.      
Landscape Architecture         M. Landscape Arch
Language Arts Education   B.S. in Educ      
Latin Latin Minor        
Latin American Studies Latin American Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
Latinx Studies Latinx Studies Minor        
Law         M. Laws; Juris Doctor
Law & Entrepreneurship       Law & Entrepreneurship  
Legal Studies         M. Legal Studies
Letters   B.A. in Letters      
LGBTQ Studies LGBTQ Studies Minor        
Liberal Studies   B.A. in Liberal Studies     M.A.
Library & Information Studies         M. Library & Info Studies
Lifespan Care Administration   B.A. in Lifespan Care Admin      
Linguistics Linguistics Minor B.A.      
Literacy Specialist       Literacy Specialist  
Litigation       Litigation  
Management Mgt Minor B.B.A. B.B.A. (General Mgt) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Management Information Systems Mgt Info Systems Minor, Mgt Info Systems Minor for Non-Business Majors B.B.A. B.B.A. (Mgt Info Systems) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech Mgt Info Systems M.S. in Mgt Info Tech
Marketing/Supply Chain Management Marketing Minor B.B.A. B.B.A. (Marketing) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech; B.B.A. (Supply Chain Mgt) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Mass Communication         Ph.D.
Mathematics Math Minor B.A., B.S. in Math B.S. in Math & M.S. (Biostat)   M.A., M.S.; Ph.D.
Mathematics Education   B.S. in Educ      
Mechanical Engineering   B.S. in Mech Engr B.S. in Mech Engr & M.S. (Mech Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Media Management       Media Mgt  
Medical Humanities Medical Humanities Minor        
Medieval/Renaissance Studies Medieval/Renaissance Studies Minor        
Meteorology Meteorology Minor, Weather & Climate Minor B.S. in Meteorology     M.S. in Meteorology; Ph.D.
Microbiology Microbiology Minor B.S., B.S. in Microbiology     M.S.; Ph.D.
Middle Eastern Studies Middle Eastern Studies Minor B.A. in Intl & Area Studies      
Military Science Military Sci Minor        
Multidisciplinary Studies   B.A., B.S.      
Music Music Minor B.A. in Music, B. Music, B.M.A.     M. Music; D.M.A.
Music Performance       Music Performance  
Music, Piano Pedagogy   B. Music      
Music Education   B. Music Educ     M. Music Ed; Ph.D.
Musical Theatre   B.F.A. in Musical Theatre      
Native American Studies Native American Studies Minor B.A.     M.A.
Natural Gas Engineering & Management         M.S. in Natural Gas Engr & Mgt
Natural Resources Law       Natural Resources Law  
Natural Gas Technology       Natural Gas Tech  
Naval Science Naval Science Minor        
Non-Government Organizations Non-Govt Orgs Minor        
Non-profit Management       Non-profit Mgt  
Nonprofit Organizational Studies Nonprofit Org Studies Minor        
Oil, Gas, & Energy Law         M. Legal Studies
Organizational Dynamics         M.A.
Paleontology   B.S. in Geol      
Petroleum Engineering   B.S. in Petrol Engr B.S. in Petrol Engr & MBA or M.S. (Petrol Engr)   M.S.; Ph.D.
Petroleum Geology   B.S. in Geol      
Philosophy Philosophy Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
Physics Physics Minor B.S., B.S. in Physics     M.S.; Ph.D.
Planning, Design & Construction         Ph.D.
Plant Biology Plant Biol Minor B.S. in Plant Biol     M.S.; Ph.D
Political Science Elections & Campaign Mgt Minor; Political Sci Minor B.A. B.A. (Political Sci) & M. Public Admin or Political Sci   M.A.; Ph.D.
Portuguese Portuguese Minor        
Pre-Health Social Science Pre-Health Social Sci Minor        
Prevention Science         M. Prevention Sci
Professional Counseling         M. Educ
Professional Master of Arts         Prof M.A.
Professional Master of Science         Prof M.S.
Professional Studies   B.S.      
Professional Writing Professional Writing Minor B.A. in Journalism     M. Prof Writing
Project Management       Project Mgt  
Psychology Psych Minor B.A., B.S. in Psych     M.S.; Ph.D.
Public and Nonprofit Administration Public Affairs & Admin Minor B.A. B.A. (Public & Nonprofit Admin) & M. Public Admin   M. Public Admin
Public Relations   B.A. in Journalism B.A. in Journalism & M.A. (Journalism & Mass Comm)    
Regional & City Planning         M. Regional & City Planning
Religious Studies Religious Studies Minor        
Resilient Planning, Design, & Construction       Resilient Planning, Design, and Construction  
Restorative Justice Administratoin       Restorative Justice Admin  
Risk Management     B.B.A. (Risk Mgt) & M.S. in Mgt Info Tech    
Russian Russian Minor B.A.      
Russian & East European Studies Russian & E European Studies Minor        
Science Education   B.S. in Educ      
Secondary Transition Education       Secondary Transition Educ  
Social Justice Social Justice Minor        
Social Studies Education   B.S. in Educ      
Social Work   B.A.     M. Social Work
Social Work with American Indians       Social Work with American Indians  
Sociology Sociology Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
Spanish Spanish Minor B.A.     M.A.; Ph.D.
Special Education   B.S. in Educ     M.Ed.: Ph.D.
Sports Management Sports Mgt Minor for Business Majors, Sports Mgt Minor for Non-Business Majors B.B.A      
Strategic Planning       Strategic Planning  
Telecommunications Engineering         M.S. in Telecomm Engr
21st Century Teaching & Learning         M. Educ
Urban Studies         M.S. in Arch Urban Studies
Visual Communication   B.F.A. in Visual Comm      
Water & Sanitation for Health & Sustainable Development Water & Sanitation for Health & Sustainable Development Minor        
Water Sciences Water Sci Minor        
Women's & Gender Studies Women's & Gender Studies Minor B.A.   Women's & Gender Studies  
World Cultural Studies   B.A. in World Cultural Studies      
World Language Education   B.S. in Educ